Fresh start…

Hi! I’m back, anyone miss me?

So you may have noticed everything has gone completly off my blog, and I’ve started a fresh (again for people who have followed me since day one…oops!), basically a spring clean of my blog. I felt like I needed to get rid of all the negative on here and my Instagram. I’m instead trying to focus on myself more and what makes me happy and to be honest this blog wasnt really helping, if anything it was actually making my mental health worse seeing it everyday and reading all the negative stuff I had written over and over again

So now I’m back, and I’m going to try again even if I start writing about crap, or if anyone has any post ideas or questions for me and I’ll write about them? I want to try using this more and hopefully getting something good and positive out if this instead of worrying about everything I write.

If you managed to read this far without getting bored then thank you! Like I said if you have any blogging ideas for me or questions you want me to answer then please tell me, or even advice to make this blog better I’m grateful.

Bye for now,